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About Adiau

Parting rituals are important social acts worldwide and in many different cultures. In these moments, families and friends seek and donate support and affection to those who have lost someone special.

Adiaū offers a way to be present for that experience anywhere in the world. In the universal language of Esperanto, which means "the one who has hope," Adiaū represents goodbye and farewell. That farewell moment marks every human being. Therefore, each one needs to be treated with respect, dignity, and love.

In our virtual environment, we keep the essence and intimacy of this fraternal union alive. So may our technology connect all people distant from their family and friends, allowing hope, comfort, affection, peace, and love to be fully shared.

Respectfully, Adiaū team.

Watch a Live-Streaming Funeral

How It Works

Attend. Anywhere

We offer a fully online experience, from anywhere in the world, using your computer or smartphone, as long as you have internet access. Our goal is to allow you to join family and friends in a moment of tribute and parting, no matter where you are.


How to Attend?

To watch a livestream ceremony, you choose the location and find the name of the person’s ceremony. We respect the privacy and intimacy of that moment, so a password is provided only to the grieving family. Please, contact one of the family members if you don't have the password yet.

How are funerals broadcast?

Live Streaming service is provided to families through the best cemeteries, crematories and funeral homes. If you represent a company in the funeral industry, click the button below for more information on how to get our livestream solution.